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The Orbit Delivery

Franchise Opportunity

The Future of "On Demand Delivery” and Restaurant

& Fast Food Delivery, Here Today!

Let's explain who we are

Who Are We?

Orbit Delivery are Bolton's best "On Demand" delivery service

that offers fast food, restaurant and home delveries.

With our state of the art technology we will be going

nation wide over the next year & plan to add 30 new

franchisees to our growing platform in major cities & towns.

The Intention

What We Do

From fast food & restaurant quality food to household names & local independent

companies Orbit Delivery is by far Bolton's best "On Demand" service

We hope to expand into national brands such as Mcdonald's, KFC, Burger King

& well known restaurant chains. We believe in suppling our consumers with

the most diverse choices of cuisine & something more than the usual kabab or Chinese.

The latest tech to achieve our goal

How Do We Do It?

We have fundamentally built the app on the premise of easy

to use and the upmost friendliness for both customers &

franchisees. Our app is sophisticated yet provides a unique

and user friendly interface that is easy for every one to use

The admin pannel includes real time tracking of customers

and drivers, the future is here with Orbit Delivery!

It's a win, win

Show Me The Money!

Orbit Delivery expects you to be earning an

estimated £28k within the first 12 months. This doesn’t

mean you have to, it’s just we would be surprised

if you weren’t! You could earn more than this no doubt,

in some cases we would approximate our most successful,

committed drivers to be earning around the £100k

benchmark! We are ever-expanding, so this is the

rate we are looking at as of the stage the business is

at right now, just imagine the rates after the first year!

The nitty gritty

Facts & Figures

Don’t think for one moment that this seems too

good to be true and we haven’t done the maths.

Believe us when we say, even within a 3 mile

radius a £2.50 delivery could earn you a 25% profit.

The industry is ever growing and you have made the

smart decision to be looking into joining us. Your business

venture starts now, no delays, no deception,

just the benefits. We want the very best for all

our drivers and are always looking for ways to improve

price and profit for both customer and franchisee.

Now that's alot!

How Much?

With our management fee of just £125.00 per month

and a 33% fee on your turnover, you can’t grumble can you?

So how much do you need to start up? It would only take as

little as £3000.00 as a one off payment, and even if you are umming

and ahhing at the thought, you shouldn’t worry as you are guaranteed

to make this back in profit within the first three months (with average

working hours)!

The nitty gritty

Not in Bolton?

Looking to sign up but not in Bolton? Don’t worry,

we are looking forward to expanding so if you are from another

town we will welcome you whole-heartedly! Do not hesitate to get

in touch and start your venture with Orbit Delivery!

Whats Next?

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details below and we will be in touch shortly: